Service and Maintenance

Online analyzers (process and environmental), like other instrumentation equipment, need to be repaired and maintained annually. These measures, on the one hand, reduce the damage of the devices and increase their standby time, and on the other hand, guarantee the correct operation. And the accuracy of their measurement will be. In addition to calibration, these annual measures include replacing some parts and filters, performing annual performance tests and verifying the performance of the device and..

Azmoj Sanat Sarooj Gostar Company, as one of the suppliers of online analyzers of environmental and process gas and dust and execution of installation, after-sales service and repairs of this equipment, is ready for periodic repairs and maintenance of monitoring systems. Continuously announces process and environment (in accordance with EN14181) in the form of an annual contract.

This contract includes the following topics:

  • Full review of the installed system, its documentation and background
  • Perform complete system reviews including sampling and sample preparation system, analyzer and accessories
  • Complete system troubleshooting and complete reporting
  • Perform repairs, replacement of required parts and reboot of the system
  • Perform calibration operations
  • Provide checklists and information required by the operator
  • Provide the necessary suggestions to optimize and increase the standby time of the system

The company also now has the ability to repair brand analyzers


And it has all kinds of flowmeters, flow computers and all kinds of temperature, pressure and سم transmitters of different brands.

The repair unit of this company, relying on its experience and technical knowledge, is currently studying and reviewing other brands of analyzers and flowmeters in the country’s industries and is ready to cooperate with various industries in the field of instrument repair used in industries. is.