Chemical and Petrochemical

Supply of instrumentation equipment and industrial automation
9- Supply of instrumentation and automation parts such as transmitters, gauges, actuators, valves, pumps, high voltage switches, etc. from reputable brands.
10- Supply of process analyzers such as:
– Laser gas analyzers used in FCC process control
– Laser gas analyzers used to control the Catalyst Regeneration process
– Laser gas analyzers used in process control
VCM (Ethylene & Acetylene method)
– H2O and H2S laser analyzers used in controlling production processes.
– Laser analyzers to determine the purity of HCL and Cl2
Laser analyzers determine the ratio of H2: HCl and HCl: C2H2
– Laser analyzers used to control the DeNOx unit
Online and portable detectors of toxic and flammable gases required
11- Supplying the required flowmeters
12- Supplying all kinds of online and portable analyzers of water and wastewater parameters such as:

Repairs and maintenance
Carrying out operation, repair and maintenance operations of continuous process and environmental monitoring systems for gas, dust, water and wastewater, etc. in the form of annual contracts
Specialized repairs of online analyzers, flowmeters and transmitters used in chemical and petrochemical industries